Which airport should I fly into?
If possible, fly into XNA. XNA is 10 minutes from the hotel and we will be running free shuttles throughout the day.

TUL is another airport you can fly into if it’s significantly cheaper. We’ll have two shuttles running from there (morning and afternoon) but it’s almost two hours from the hotel and timing return shuttles will get tricky (and we can’t guarantee the return shuttle back to the airport).

Are you providing shuttles?
Yes! There will be a free shuttle running from XNA and we will have limited shuttles from TUL.

What should I wear?
Think fall. October is beautiful in Arkansas but can be chilly with the occasional rainstorm (we’ve even had snow on this weekend, but that’s somewhat unlikely!) Plan fall clothes. The temperature will range from 45 to 70 degrees. We will be outside for the Bike Scavenger Hunt so bring a light rain shell in case.

I would like to explore the option of speaking!
Reach out to Abigail.grossman@outdoorbloggersummit.com and let’s get you set up on a call! One thing to note, we are vetting speaker very heavily and accepting roughly one talk per five pitches. That said, if you feel like you can authoritatively speak on a technical topic related to blogging and digital marketing, shoot us a note!!

What is a blogger and what is a brand?
We are using the terms blogger and brand somewhat liberally. Blogger to us is the same criteria a tradeshow would call media. So print folks, digital publications, freelancers, social influencers, TV media – this is all media to us. Brand just means, non-media, so agencies, brands, retailers, and anyone else who wouldn’t fall into the category of media.