8 Reasons to Attend Outdoor Blogger Summit

Outdoor Blogger Summit is the premiere professional conference for outdoor journalists, and it takes place in the one of the most beautiful places on earth Bentonville Arkansas.

We think that kind of sells itself, but just in case, we’ve come up with 10 more reasons you can’t miss OBS this year:

1.) You’ll learn how to take your blog to the next level
Every talk falls under one of three themes: Creation, Amplification, Monetization. Each presentation is painstakingly reviewed by our quality team to ensure that every talk is relevant and up to 2017 best practices.

2.) Our speaker line up kicks ass
We have travel and tourism folks ready to tell you how to get on more press trips and create content that institutional folks want to buy; we have influencers (Ryan Carter from Camping with Dogs) and athletes (Caroline Gleich), ready to spill the secrets on how to make a living doing what you love; and we have top digital agencies (Develody.io, Blogs for Brands) ready to tell you how to drive more traffic and make more money.

3.) This is the largest gathering of its kind
Many industries have a blogger conference where digital journalists can learn new best practices, network and close new business. Outdoor Blogger Summit is that place in the outdoor industry.

4.) Price
The town of Bentonville has stepped up to sponsor OBS ’17 in a big way. Thanks to them, we’re able to lower the costs for registration, hotel and everything. Compared to other blogger conferences, OBS is the best value in terms of overall price.

5.) You’ll network with the brands you want to meet
Some of the confirmed brands this year include Advanced Elements, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, La Sportiva, Media Vine, Native Eyewear… we could go on all day. Get quality one-on-one time with the brands that you’ve been wanting to work with.

6.) You’ll learn from your peers
We’re in this together. Your peers will have different experiences and perspectives on the questions you have. This is the place to get multiple opinions on the challenges you’re facing.

7.) Recruit new writers
You’ll meet with plenty of folks who are just breaking into the outdoor blogging space and this is the perfect place to recruit writers to help fill your content needs.

8.) You’ll learn today’s best practices for driving traffic and growing your social and email audiences
At this time last year at this time, Desktop Traffic still exceeded Mobile Traffic, Facebook Live didn’t exist and Google didn’t care whether you disclosed sponsorships. There was no Facebook Handshake to help you monetize social content, Influencer Revenue was barely a thing and writing sponsored content was a strange new world for bloggers. The internet has changed; this is where you’ll learn how to capitalize on those changes.

Bentonville is beautiful in the fall with epic outdoor activity complemented by some of the world’s most famous restaurants and bars. Thanks to Bentonville’s sponsorships, you can experience all the town has to offer at reduced cost. This is your time to come out and see all that Bentonville has to offer!

Convinced yet? Register here.